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Aadab  Hope and need
Aadarshini  Idealistic
Aahna  Exist
Aakriti  Shape
Aalia  Exalted; Highest social standing
Aamaal  Hopes; Aspirations
Aamani  Spring season (vasanth ritu)
Aanchal  Shelter
Aarti  Form of worship
Aarushi  First rays
Aashiyana  Beautiful home
Aasmaa  Excellent; Precious
Aastha  Faith
Aatmaja  Daughter
Aayushi  One with long life
Abeer  Fragrance
Abha  Beautiful
Abhilasha  Wish; Desire
Abhitha  Fearless (Goddess Parvati)
Abirami  Godessname;Godess lakshmi
Ablaa  Perfectly formed
Aboli  A flower
Achla  Constant
Adeela  Equal
Aditi  Mother of the Gods
Afaf  Chastity
Afraa  White
Afrah  Happiness
Ahd  Pledge; Knowledge
Ahilya  Wife of a rishi
Ahlam  Witty; One who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative
Aida  Visiting; Returning
Aisha  Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Muhammad
Aishwarya  Prosperous
Ajita  A Winner
Akanksha  Wish
Akhila  Complete
Akshara  Letter
Akshata  Rice
Akshi  Existence
Alak  World; Beautiful tresses
Alaknanda  A river
Alia  Exalted; Highest social standing
Alisha  Protected
Alka  Beauty
Almas  Diamond
Aloki  Brightness
Alpa  Small
Alpana  Beautiful
Amani  Wishes; Aspirations
Amatullah  Female servant of Allah
Amba  Goddess Durga
Ambika  Goddess Parvati
Ambuja  Goddess Lakshmi
Ameena  Trustworthy; Faithful
Ameera  Leader; Princess
Ami  Nectar
Amishi  Pure
Amita  Limitless
Amithi  Unique
Amitjyoti  Ever bright
Amiya  Delightful
Amla  Pure
Amodini  Pleasureable
Amolika  Priceless
Amrapali  Disciple of Buddha
Amrita  Full of Nectar
Amritambu  Moon
Amvi  A Goddess
Anaan  Clouds
Anagha  Without sin
Anahita  Full of grace
Anamika  Ring Finger
Anamitra  The Sun
Anandani  Joyful
Anandi  Joyful; Unending
Ananti  Gift
Ananya  Nanosecond
Anarghya  Priceless
Anbar  Perfume; Ambergris
Anchal  Shelter
Aneesa  Friendly; of good company
Angarika  Flower
Angha  Beauty
Angoori  Grape
Anika  Goddess Durga
Anisha  Unobstructed
Anita  Full of Grace
Anjali  Tribute
Anjana  Mother of hanuman
Anjika  Blessed
Anjini  Mother of Hanuman
Anju  Blessings; Inconquerable
Ankal  Whole
Ankita  Distinguished; Marked by the Lord
Anmol  Priceless
Anna  Food
Annada  Goddess Durga
Annapoorna  Goddess of grains
Annika  Goddess Durga
Anokhi  Different
Ansha  Portion
Anshu  Sun
Anshula  Sunny
Anshumali  Sun
Ansuya  Learned woman
Anugraha  Divine Blessing
Anuja  Younger Sister
Anupama  Beautiful
Anuradha  Lord Krishna's Consort
Anushka  A term of endearment-Russian Name
Anvi  One of Devi's names
Anwaar  Rays of light
Aparajita  Undefeated
Aparna  Goddess Parvati
Aradhana  Prayer
Archana  Worship
Areebah  Witty and smart
Areej  Pleasant smell
Arja  Divine
Arkita  Plentiful
Aroob  (Woman) Loving to her husband
Arpana  Offering
Arpita  A Dedication
Arshia  Divine
Arti  Prayer Ceremony
Aruna  Sun
Arundhati  Star
Arwa  Female mountain goat
Aryahi  Goddess Durga
Asah  Plant known for its greeness
Asalah  Purity
Aseelah  One belonging to a great heritage and family
Asha  Expectation
Ashita  River Yamuna
Ashlesha  A star
Ashna  A friend
Ashwina  Child of the Star
Asiya  One who tends to the weak and heals
Asma  Daughter of Abu Bakr
Asmita  Pride
Atif  Generous
Atreyi  A river
Atula  Uncomparable
Avanti  Modest
Avinashi  Indestructable
Avni  The Earth
Ayanna  Innocent
Ayati  Royal
Ayeh  Sign; distinct
Ayushi  Long Life
Azeeza  Esteemed; Precious; Cherished
Azhaar  Flowers; Blossoms
Azza  Young female gazelle

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