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Our Vision :

Internet Vision "SMS Consultants Vision" is to build information bridges between India and the rest of the world, by leveraging the internet as a global distribution medium, and setting up a platform for electronic publishing and commerce. We believe this model can be replicated in other emerging markets, especially those in Asia.

SMS Consultants uses content as an attractor, technology as a medium to retain the traffic and transactions to make money off the traffic.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to create an electronic information services organisation, with a focus on emerging markets in Kanpur City. kanpurcity.com is the first step in this direction. We intend to leverage the Internet as a global distribution medium, and build a platform for electronic publishing and commerce. In doing So, we hope to bridge the information gap and enable commerce initially between users in the developed economies and suppliers in the emerging Kanpur Market, and later between the suppliers in the developed countries and users in the Kanpur market. The changes which have brought India to the forefront of the world economy are momentous and irreversible.

Internet in India is increasing, and yet, information on India - its business, culture and people - is not easily available. The Internet is the distribution medium which makes possible the rapid access to information anytime and from anywhere. We are riding on this network, with a focus on digitized content on India and to begin with on Kanpur.

About Us :

Managed by a team of professionally qualified, well established Engineers of Kanpur,
SanjayManeeshSandeep Consultants
is India's one of the leading internet service company providing web site creation, hosting and management services for many of India's leading organisations. SMS Consultants offers an integrated approach to Web Marketing.

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