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Aadesh  Message
Aadhira  Moon
Aadi  Important
Aadil  Just
Aaditya  Sun
Aakaar  Shape
Aakash  Sky
Aamir  Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aarif  Acquainted; Knowledgable
Aashish  Blessing
Aasim  Protector
Aatish  Fireworks
Abaan  Old Arabic name
Abbas  Description of a lion
Abdul-Azeez  Servant of the Mighty; the Powerful
Abdul-Baari  Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Ghafoor  Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Haafiz  Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hameed  Servant of the Praiseworthy; the Ever-Praised
Abdul-Haseeb  Servant of the Respected; Esteemed
Abdul-Jabaar  Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jaleel  Servant of the Great; Revered
Abdul-Khaaliq  Servant of the Creator
Abdullah  Servant of God
Abdul-Qaadir  Servant of the Capable
Abdul-Qahaar  Servant of the Subduer; the Almighty
Abdul-Qudoos  Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Raheem  Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-Raouf  Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-Rasheed  Servant of the Rightly Guided
Abdul-Razaaq  Servant of the Maintainer; the Provider
Abdul-Salaam  Servant of the Peace
Abdul-Waahid  Servant of the One
Abdul-Wadood  Servant of the Loving
Abed  Worshipper
Abedin  Worshippers
Abhay  Fearless
Abheek  Fearless
Abhijay  Victor
Abhijeet  Lord Krishna
Abhilash  Wish; Desire
Abhinav  An act
Abhiraj  Fearless King
Abhishek  Ritual
Abhyudaya  Luck
Abimanyu  Arjuna's Son
Abu Bakr  The companion of Prophet Muhammad
Abul Khayr  One who does good
Achintya  Lord Shiva
Adarsh  Ideal
Adham  Black
Adhiraj  King
Adil  Sincere
Adinath  Lord Vishnu
Adit  First Born
Adnan  Proper name
Advaita  Focussed
Advay  Unique
Afeef  Chaste; Modest
Agasthya  A name of a sage
Ahmad  Commendable; Praiseworthy
Ajay  Unconquered
Ajit  Victorious
Ajitabh  Victor
Ajitesh  Lord Vishnu
Ajoy  Joyful
Akand  Calm
Akash  Sky
Akhil  Complete
Akhilesh  Lord & Master
Akram  Most Generous
Akshaj  Lord Vishnu
Akshar  Letter
Akshay  Immortal
Akul  Lord Shiva
Al Abbas  Description of a lion
Alaa  Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Udeen  Excellence of Religion
Ali  Excellent; Noble
Alok  Brightness
Alpesh  Tiny
Amal  Pure; Hope; Aspiration
Amalendu  Pure like the moon
Amalesh  Pure
Aman  Peace
Amar  Immortal
Amartya  Immortal
Amber  Sky
Ambuj  Lotus
Ameen  Faithful; Trustworthy
Ameer  Ruler; Prince
Amir  Rich
Amish  Pure
Amit  Limitless
Amitabh  Unlimited
Amjad  More Glorious
Ammar  Builder; constructor; Religious person
Amod  Pleasureable
Amogh  Lord Ganesh
Amol  Priceless
Amolik  Priceless
Amr  Old Arabic name
Amresh  Lord Indra
Amrish  Lord Indra
Amrit  Nectar
Amshu  Atom
Amshul  Bright
Amul  Priceless
Amulya  Invaluable
Anadi  Eternal
Anal  Fire
Anand  Joy; Bliss
Anant  Joyful; Unending
Ananta  Joyful; Unending
Anas  A group of people
Anees  Close friend
Anek  Many
Angaj  Son
Anikait  Lord of the World
Anil  God of Wind
Animesh  Bright
Anirudh  Boundless
Anirvan  Undying
Anirvinya  A name of God Vishnu
Anish  Lord Krishna
Anjas  Fortright
Anjor  Bright
Ankur  Glow
Ankush  Control
Anmol  Priceless
Anna  Food
Annuabhuj  Lord Shiva
Anoop  Without compare;Uncomparable
Anram  Continuous
Ansh  Portion
Anshul  Sunny
Anshuman  Sun
Anuj  Younger Brother
Anupam  Unique; Uncomparable
Anurag  Love
Apoorva  Not seen before
Arha  Lord Shiva
Arihant  Lord Shiva
Arja  Divine
Arjit  Earned
Arjun  Lord Krishna's cousin
Arnav  The sea
Arpan  Offering
Arsh  Dominion; Crown
Arshad  Heavenly
Arun  Sun
Arvind  Lotus
Arya  From a high race
Aryaman  Noble-minded; Aristocratic; Sun
Aryan  From a high race
Ashank  Faith
Asheem  Boundless
Ashfaq  Noble Prince
Ashish  Blessing
Ashit  Lord of the Rings - Saturn
Ashok  Without Sorrow
Ashraf  More Honorable
Ashutosh  A name of Shiva
Ashwin  A star
Asif  Forgivness
Ataa  Gift
Atal  Unshakeable
Atambhu  The holy trinity
Atif  Generous
Atmanand  Blissful
Atraiu  Great Warrior
Atul  Uncomparable
Avasyu  Lord Indra
Avi  The Sun
Avijit  Invincible
Avikam  Diamond
Avilash  Faithful
Avinash  Immortal; Inconquerable
Avirat  Continuous
Avtar  Holy incarnation
Awad  Reward; Compensation
Aws  Name of a tree
Ayman  Lucky; On the right
Ayoob  A Prophet's name
Ayush  Long Lived
Azhar  The most shining; Luminous
Azzaam  Determined; Resolved

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